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Early Monday morning and a free day off work.  I hooked up the trailer, loaded up my pony and drove the short distance up the road to our local park with equestrian trails.  Headed out early to beat the Summer heat, just me, my reliable horse and Mother Nature.  It was perfect!  As we were cantering down a stretch of trail, the two of us in harmony, both relaxed and both enjoying the fresh air, I realized, for me, this was…freedom.

6 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like this post, like a cookie the reader nibbles, enjoys the taste and wants more. I think that many bloggers write too long a post, but you were concise and the message was clear. Even if the post was double in size it would be a nice digestible cookie. If I may suggest something I think as we write we should try to show the reader what we envision rather than tell the reader and by that I suggest painting the scene with words.
    Silence hung in the air, just the occasional swish of my pony’s tail as the tall grasses brushed my legs on both sides and the trail meandered ahead like wide rope winding through the green carpet ahead.

    Peace settled on me like a blanket, and we breathed together, slow and deep, slow and deep. With a deep sense of awareness, i felt as relaxed as if I was just opening my eyes after a nap.

    Have a great day as you write and create.

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