Clear Visual Definition

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it”-Jesse Jackson

We have a hound that is one of the most intense animals I have ever known.  His prey drive is through the roof and once he gets his mind set on something there is no distracting him.  His focus is a trait that frequently drives me crazy because he just won’t let up.  It is equally admirable and there are times I wish I could channel it.

Not long ago I was having a riding lesson.  My instructor told me to “stop doing so much in my body” and just get the mental image of what I wanted.  Focus and wait!  Focus and wait and give him a chance to find the answer before you show it to him.  It was amazing!!!  As soon as I got that clear mental image and a really strong focus and set my mental energy on the picture of the movement I wanted, he softened and got it!  It felt like he was reading my mind and I was stunned at how little it took on my part.

It was a valuable lesson not just for riding but for life.  Clarity and focus really is the way to what you want.  People term this “The Law of Attraction”.  I’m a big believer in what we put out there is what we get back and the best way to send the energy out is through having a clear mental picture of what the end result should look like.  I look back on life and realize how true this is.  The goals I’ve hit, the things I’ve achieved and the big accomplishments all came from a place of knowing what I wanted before I set out.

It’s not JUST about the image and focus though.  It is not just hoping for something to come true.  I think that a clear image is what leads to the hard work and the motivation to move towards what we want.  Focus is step one, but also the biggest step.  Have the focus and the rest will fall into place.

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