Irresistible Allure of the Feed Store

I hate to shop.  I really do.  Browsing through endless products available for purchase in sanitary stores filled with plastic people is my idea of torture.  Even the thought of going to the grocery store causes me to rummage through the cabinets looking for one last morsel of food to avoid that shopping trip.

I hate it…UNTIL I step into a merchandiser that deals in feed, tack, farm supply, riding clothing, saddlery or livestock product.  As I open the doors to these stores I am met with the smell of leather or fertilizer or sweet feed and these scents take over and mesmerize my limbic system making me believe that I really do need one more lead rope.  You can never have too many.  The 20 hanging in the barn just might not be enough.  Did I mention we have  3 horses?

FullSizeRender(35) copy 2

A particular weakness for me is the jeans and boots section.  I am a tall skinny girl.  Jeans that are long enough to fit me are hard to find.  The fact that I have 18 pairs in my drawer should not be used as evidence to the contrary.  When I see my size with the pretty little pockets and washed out denim, gleaming in the fluorescent lighting I would be a fool to pass them up, you never know when I will find that length again.  Never mind that the exact same pair was on the shelf last month when I needed to pick up shavings.

And the boots…ah the boots with their colored stitching and creative cut out leather designs, a pair for every feasible occasion really is necessary.  I need a pair for work, to ride, to do chores, for a night on the town…what about bed, I probably should get a pair to wear to bed.

Upon exiting the store as the I leave the scent of farm supply behind and sanity sets back in I’m left with a plastic bag full of items I don’t need and an excitement to hurry up and get home, I need to hurry up and get this new bit in my horses mouth before I try to return it.

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