Tevis Cup Is Bad Ass

In less than one month on August 1st the 2015 TEVIS CUP endurance ride will happen.  This will be the 60th time the race has been run.  All I can say is anyone that even attempts The Tevis is bad ass and the horses rock!!!!

Here are two great videos about the race.  The first one is a general overview of the ride, who does it and why.  The second is of a runner on the trail BUT it gives you a great picture of what the scenery and trail conditions are like.



Best of luck to the riders that will be participating.

3 thoughts on “Tevis Cup Is Bad Ass

  1. I’ve attempted hiking a bit of the Pacific Rim trail. Me and my fat ponies would both have to be airlifted out. And that would be after saddling in the parking lot. Lol.

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