Who & Why

WordPress offers a “blogging class” which suggests daily topics and provides feedback from other bloggers.  I enrolled, I figured “what the hell” it would be a great way to get the creative juices flowing.  So here I am at day one and already wondering how many days this goes for, perhaps I should have checked that prior to clicking the “sign up” button.  Anyway the topic…who am I and why do I blog.

“Who am I” is a pretty big question, and not one I am particularly inspired to delve into at this exact moment.  However the title of my blog “Little Pieces of Me” is exactly that.  Each post a piece of me, put them together and that starts to show who I am, or at least, the who, I am choosing to share into the great wide world of the interwebz.  Mostly you can expect to read about my animals, riding, farm, workouts and now and then a stroll down self discovery.

Next question…why do I blog.  I came back to blogging because I decided in this world of tiny and brief bits of information I wanted something more in depth.  I wanted to write things that were more personal and developed in thought and in turn I wanted to read something of substance from other people.

So here I am!  Happy Blogging.

2 thoughts on “Who & Why

  1. You answered those questions exactly how I would have at this particular moment.

    It’s an interesting thing to do, does Word Press provide the topics daily? Do you mind sending me the link?


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