Fit Club Begins Again

My Pony has a bit of a weight problem.  OK, let’s be honest…she’s fat.  Like too fat, she has pockets on her neck and belly and I’m pretty sure my farrier has taken pictures of her as the example of what ponies should NOT look like.  Even the vet has made the “pregnant” joke.

Before anyone suggest less food and less turnout (gee why didn’t I think of that)…I assure you she gets no supplemental calories other than hay and is kept in a dry lot.  I’m pretty sure she gains her weight on air alone.

I go through phases with her weight.  She gets fat, I decide it’s out of control, she gets exercise or as I call it “fit club”, she gets skinny(ish), I stop exercising her, she gets fat again.  Recognize the cycle?

I try to stay on top of it, but let’s face it, riding the big horses is just so much more fun than running the sassy pony around who would really just rather you pet her and fed her cookies.  If only there were more hours in the day.

Ah well, here we go again, time to begin fit club and get the pony skinny(ish).  I’m putting this out there as public shaming so that the two readers I have will keep me accountable.

2 thoughts on “Fit Club Begins Again

  1. Ah, the joys of vertically challenged carrot hogs. I’ve had a couple. They work their people. Extraordinarily well. They are tricksters. They just have to look adorable. Since they were born that way, it’s kinda easy. And if they are in with other equines they steal just enough hay to balloon out like Vietnamese Pork Belly pigs. You’re doing fine. As long as her belly doesn’t drag the ground, no shaming. Besides, she looks adorable pregnant. Adorable. 🙂


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