Love To The Equestrian Community

In THIS brilliant post by Nicole she posts her less then perfect riding pictures.  We all, myself included, post pictures of us riding beautifully but as she points out those pictures are probably the reality about 2% of the time.  As soon as I read her post one image came IMMEDIATELY to mind.  Whatever I am doing must be really really awful because OMG….look at his expression!!!!

Still 1
My Poor Horse!!!!!!

I believe this particular expression was caused by a poor fitting saddle.  It is definitely a less than perfect riding picture and we have many more that have nothing to do with saddle and everything to do with rider.

Tonight’s ride was pure B-L-I-S-S.  We spent the evening on the local trails and it was a mere 90 degrees with a breeze blowing in the middle of July (thank you Mother Nature) and boy did he feel good under me.  Relaxed and willing and ready to move out at the slightest suggestion.  My God I LOVE This Horse!  I was reflecting on our ride the different things people do with horses.  I love the wordpress venue for bringing so many equestrians together.  I’m a trail rider so arenas feel too small, jumping is reserved for fallen trees, circles are hard and why on earth I would want to canter into a corner where the fence is, remains a mystery to me.  Soooo I love reading about everyone’s adventures on here, how the horses and riders are developed and what people are doing to give them a job.  Thank you all equestrians for sharing your journey.


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