My 12 Year Old Souvenir

I’ve been away from wordpress as I spent the past 10 days in Texas visiting family.  The main purpose of the trip was to visit my Dad whose health is deteriorating at an undetermined rate so we are unsure just how many more visits there will be.  That situation is a blog post in and of itself but is not ready to be posted, so I will write about the souvenir we brought home from the trip.

We brought home a 12 year old boy.  One that wanted nothing more on his Summer vacation than to play with chickens and ride horses.  He is also  my nephew.


I wish someone had told me how cool it would be to have a 12 year old.  I would have gotten one years ago.  First of all he is ready to go ride anytime.  Unlike my other riding partners I do not have to plan around his work schedule or family commitments.  He also helps with chores and actually seems to enjoy them.  Now I fully accept that the novelty of this may wear off since he has only been here a few days, but still…having someone enthusiastically ask “what else needs to be done” is music to my ears.  I love that, just like me, it takes him three times as long to get anything done than in actually should because he is too busy petting the dogs, chasing the chickens or feeding the horses extra cookies.  He is happy to eat ice cream at any and all hours of the day AND if none of those things are happening he self entertains with a video game or movie.  Why do people say parenting is so hard?

5 thoughts on “My 12 Year Old Souvenir

  1. I am skeptical about the 12-yr old, but I might look around for one. I think the trick may be in not getting a herd mate so they stay focused on you? I’ve heard that if you get 2 or more it’s not the same!


  2. Lucky boy! I would love to spend my summer as such. So sorry to hear about your dad. Mine passed away last year due to declining health. Enjoy this time you have left and let him know how much he means to you as often as possible! That was my only regret.

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  3. Being an Aunt has some major perks doesn’t it? Sounds like you have an eventful summer planned 🙂 I’m sorry to hear the news about your Dad. I hope you get more time to visit. Time is precious. Especially when you fear you don’t have much of it.


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