The Great Helmet Debate

With yesterday being International Helmet Awareness Day (fitting for Tevis Cup race day) I’ve seen lots of posts all “for” the wearing of helmets.  Interesting that non one takes the time to blog on all the reasons NOT to wear a helmet.  I am also on the side that believes every ride should find a helmet on the head, but it is a personal choice and I don’t cringe or judge when people don’t wear them.

At least I don’t usually judge.  This weekend, while spectating at the local Junior Rodeo Championships I noticed that NONE (except for one) of all those kids were wearing a helmet.  Now maybe this judgement came from the fact that it was so fresh in my mind from all the wordpress media helmets have been getting, but still some of these kids were small.  Like really small, like couldn’t reach the stirrups small,  out there cantering around, hoping of the horses and generally just being amongst the livestock all with unprotected skulls.  It bothered me.  It really did. As an adult, make the choice you will about head protection but please put a helmet on those junior fragile noggins.

2 thoughts on “The Great Helmet Debate

  1. I hear you. I grew up in the western world. We never were exposed to helmets. It was only the “English” riders that wore them. Now I am seeing helmets being used in recreational riding, but still not in the “Western” riding world. I’m not sure why the dichotomy. It has to do with pride. And ideals. Western riders are so opposed to helmets they are willing to stake their lives on it. I hope that someday change comes. Soon.


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