Grateful Fridays

Once upon a time I participated in a Blogging 101 course which was supposed teach you to be a better blogger.  It probably would have worked if I had participated in it for more than 2 of the assignments.  I seem to recall that one of the suggested ideas was to have a regular feature of the blog.  So even though I flunked out of Blogging 101, I have decided to incorporate one of their ideas.


Each Friday I will review no less than 5 things I am thankful for that happened that week.  They will not be the same five things, because otherwise I would just list my husband and my horses over and over and over each week.  So they will be things that may seem somewhat “ordinary”” but bring me great joy.  Here we go!!!

  1. One morning I got two texts at roughly the same time from two different friends about two totally different topics and they each wished me Namaste….how cool is that!
  2. Sticking with the yoga theme, I’m thankful for the witty instructor that makes me laugh during a particularly challenging pose by exclaiming “opening your hips is no joke!”
  3. The much needed rain that fell last night
  4. Receiving my Distance Derby gear in the mail.  Which included a t-shirt with the logo all in glitter.
  5. Horse Shopping!!!!  Especially when it is not for me but for a friend that I used to ride with frequently and has been horseless for over a year now.

Have a great weekend all!

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