Crazy Horse Ladies…Please SHUT UP

I follow a local equestrian group on facebook.  The purpose of this group is to buy/sell/trade all things horse related.  It is NOT a discussion forum and it is NOT a place to exchange opinions unless someone specifically says…”opinions please”.

So can someone please explain to me why the crazy horse ladies (CHL) have to interject their views (which are always clearly right with no room for any other possibilities) anyway?

Twice in the past two days I have been disgusted at the thread of comments going on.  Hence why I am here subjecting you guys to this rant!

The first started because someone was ISO of someone to install high tensile wire around their pasture.  The poster went into great detail as to what she was looking for and why.  Immediately the CHLs had to pipe up and tell her how dangerous this wire was, the horrible cuts her horses would suffer, how it wouldn’t keep them safe.  The thing is…they may be right BUT the lady did not ask what people thought of the wire she asked who could install it for her.  Which of course the CHLs did not provide her with.  The original poster even comes back and gracefully says “thanks for the info. guys but this is what I want”.  Does that shut the CHLs up….NOPE they go on and on about the horrors of high tensile wire.  Not their horses, not their fence, not their vet bills, not their pasture…WHY do they go on and on?

The second situation irritates me even more.  Again it was an ISO post.  We are in terrible drought here.  Hay is in shortage and it comes at a high cost.  An ISO for hay post occurs on a pretty regular basis.  So today someone posts that they are looking.  Immediately two women start lecturing her about how she better stock up, she better expect high prices, she better go without in other areas.  It was so weird.  The original poster did not mention amount needed, what she expected to pay or any other piece of information than…does anyone have it?  Funds, availability and storage are an issue for some…let’s show a little compassion and understanding instead of rail on her.

We are all in this horse community together, let’s be a community.  Let’s build each other up, help each other out and understand that although our primary horsemanship goals may vary we are really all working towards a larger shared goal of having horses be a part of our lives.

I think my inside joke between myself and now all of you guys…is that when I see this ridiculousness in the group, I am going to comment CHL and move along.

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