Blog Hop & The Big City

$900 FB Pony posted THIS great idea for a blog hop and I figured participating would be a great segue into my dual life.

My Small Piece Of The City

I live on a small farm, but I work (at least the work that pays me) in the city. Uptown as we refer to it here, which is the same as Downtown depending on what geographical area you live in, is a place filled with masses of people in suits gathered in clusters of tall skyscrapers all supporting this thing called “Corporate America”.

Spending five days a week in this environment drains me. It is the opposite of everything I crave in my “home” life. My open pastures have been replaced with miles and miles of pavement, glass and steel. Space has been replaced with people crowding into the streets and buildings. Instead of sounds of nature, all I hear is the drone of constant construction, traffic and emergency vehicles. Dogs are on leashes searching for a small piece of actual earth to relieve themselves and other than those seeking dogs and the occasional tourist filled horse drawn carriage…there are not many animals here. It’s tiresome and I don’t love it.

Except sometimes, I do. The city can be fun. There is an energy that comes with working around so many people, an automatic shared connection simply by us all being in this same place. The city has lots to offer; shows, plays, demonstrations, sporting events and restaurants galore. Through the front doors of my office I have endless miles of outdoor walking space completely pedestrian friendly. And it is convenient, my gym, my hairstylist and dentist are all a short walk away from the computer I sit at all day. Not to mention the MANY options for a cup of coffee on the days that the homebrew is just not enough. If you’re a happy hour kind of person, which every once in a while I am, the drink and appetizer specials are endless.

I love the job that brings me to the city each day and I love even more the lifestyle it helps provide when I am not in the city. It is an interesting dichotomy and I’m learning that there can be good and beauty in the opposite extremes.

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