Grateful Fridays

It’s Friday!!!!!!  So here we are again with the second installment of this blogs “feature” post.  Here are 5 things I was grateful for this week:

  1. Having a hubby who knows when I come home from work with a bit of an edge on me it is a good idea to get a glass of wine in me.  Then that one glass of wine turns into a fun fun evening of more wine, good food, and playing music all night long.
  2. Having a boss who understands that a fun fun evening with wine and hubby means a late arrival to work the next day AND is totally cool with that.  AND who knows that even though I’m hung over I still have to have the hard conversations that come with my job so he buys me cookie to help make up for it.
  3. THIS awesome website which has live cams in Alaska where you can watch brown bears fishing for salmon.  Or THIS one which shows an African watering hole.  It’s pretty cool to be sitting in my living room watching elephants graze the safari or baby bear cubs follow momma around the National Preserve.
  4. My workout buddy who is pretty good about helping keep me motivated to get to the gym but is equally as willing to go out for a cheat meal instead every now & then.
  5. Good fly spray!  I ride in the evenings after work and I can tell I am gradually losing my long daylight hours as Summer is starting the slow trek out and Fall fades in.  The evening biting bugs are coming out earlier and earlier and although the cooler temps and more shade are appreciated, I’m really loving having a solid smelly barrier between equine and deer fly.

Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone!


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