Hubby’s Mare….The Saga Continues

Yes one more time I am here to write of my adventures with Freckles.  I am really enjoying her and having some fun riding a horse with such a different personality than mine.

Yesterday I took her to the local trails to meet a friend for an afternoon ride.  Neither Dad or her herd mate were with us, which is pretty unusual for her.  The conversation went something like this…..

Me: So what do you think about all this new fun we are having together.

Her: I like it.  I don’t need Dad.  I don’t need Tucker.  We are square Mom, I might even sort of kind of like you…maybe….

Me: It’s OK, I know I’ll never replace Dad.

Her: Hey, thanks for teaching me about that “leg” stuff, I like not having my face pulled on all the time.  And I’m starting to feel a little more physically fit, thanks for that too.  I still hate bending and I hate good posture, why do we have to do that.

Me: It’s just new, your stiff and not used to it.  It will get easier and you’ll start to like it because it will physically make you feel good.

Her: Whatevs.

As we rode a bit further the black clouds started to roll in.  We knew the storm was coming and when the thunder rolled loudly my riding partner and I decided it was time to high tail it back to the trailers.

Me: We need to go baby girl…back to the trailer…NOW.

Her: The trailer, are you kidding me??????  It’s far!!!!!  I’m not running back to the trailer.  WHERE IS DAD????

Me: You are.  We need to go.

When we were “far” from the trailer.

Her: I think I’m dying.  This is hard.  I’m so out of shape.  Huff…puff…cough…huff…puff.

As we neared the trailer

Her: We’re almost there.  Let’s go faster.  This is easy.  I love going fast.

We were un-tacked and climbing into the truck just as the first raindrop fell.

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