Facebook….some people love it and some hate it.  For all it’s negatives there is definitely some good that has come out of the site.


I love getting to see far away children growing up through photos, I love having a central place for my local riding group to organize rides and meet ups and seriously without facebook, how would any of us have ever met Bambi.


My favorite thing to have ever come out of Facebook is “As Seen Through Horse’s Ears” (ASTHE).  It is a group that has almost 35,000 members from all over the world.  All of us posting pictures we’ve taken through our horse’s ears.


The administrator of the group, Lisa Belhage, summed it up nicely the other day when she said “The idea is NOT (!) to show horses, but to show WHERE HORSES CAN TAKE US, allowing us all to imagine ourselves in the scenery.”


I love how dynamic the group is and I particularly love seeing so many equines out there with a job.  People enjoying and riding their horses and sharing a little piece of that landscape experience with us.


It gets better.  Not only is the group out there sharing the beauty of their piece of the world, but towards the end of the year some of the “best” photos are collected and voted on to be put in a calendar, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the calendars are then donated to an equine charity group voted on by the members.

IMG_2284 copy

It’s amazing to me what can happen through a shared passion.  People have shared many stories with the group: re-gained confidence due to the inspiration of the photos, an ability to participate in horses when one no longer has their own, a vacation booked because the photos from that area were so stunning.  It is a really cool space to share with a really cool group of people out there on the inter-webz.

photo 1

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