In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thank You.”

The question is….If I could permanently ban a word from general usage what would it be and why?


Hands down the word for me would be “should”.   I should get out of bed, I should have called my mother, I should have hit the shot, I should go to the gym instead of eating ice cream.  “Should” is a horrible reason to do anything, it carries with it guilt and it does not motivate at all.

According to the dictionary “should” is the simple past tense of “shall”.  I like the word “shall”.  It implies conviction with a pleasant overtone, a promise for the future.  Turn that “shall” to past and make it “should” and I brace against it.  “Should” is a hollow uncertain auxiliary verb that makes no promises, but merely offers a weak excuse for a possible attempt at action.

Instead of doing something because we “should”.  I think there should be real concrete and positive reasons to our actions.  I am getting out of bed because it is a new day and I am happy to still be on the ride, I am calling my mother because she birthed me and I’m thankful for the life she gave, I didn’t hit the shot, but I will next time because I will practice and I will get better, I will go workout because I will feel amazing afterward.

I believe what I say to myself is very important and the reasons I provide as motivation for all things I do will come from a place of energy and desire, not a place of guilt.

8 thoughts on “Should

  1. Funny how on the same wavelength my thinking is with yours – have you read Byron Katie? Love her and she also says that should is very unhelpful. She says you cannot argue with reality if you want to live with less stress and pain. And every time you think about what you ‘should’ be doing you are arguing with what is true. If you say you ‘should’ go to the gym- it’s not actually true because you are not there. In fact reality proves that you should not be at the gym or you would be there. The misalignment between what is true and what your brain, guilt or friend is saying causes pain, stress (guilt). I like shall as well!

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