Grateful Fridays

Happy Friday Readers.  Here we are again approaching the weekend and it is time to list 5 things I was grateful for this week.

1-I am not usually a label whore.  Name brands usually come with a higher price tag and a status association that don’t interest me.  However, I will say there are 3 brands that i am particularly loyal to and appreciative of this week.  I’m sure I could find similar products for a cheaper price, however I have learned with these brands I will get it all back in comfort, quality and longevity.

  • Ariat
    • I love my Ariat boots.  I would live them in them if I could.  Comfortable, functional, long lasting and stylish (sort of).  I have rallied multiple times to change our office dress code to include all forms of riding boots especially ones that are covered in dirt and manure.
  • Baggallini
    • These bags are cute.  More importantly they are functional.  Mine is bright red and keeps me organized with all it’s pockets and places.  I love knowing exactly where to find my keys when I need them
  • Lululemon
    • These are the products that I really struggle with when it comes to the price tag.  I’m not going to lie, they are way expensive.  2, 3 or even 4 times the cost of what I would pay at Target for a pair of work out pants.  But literally, they make me better at yoga.  Their comfort is AMAZING.  I wonder if I could get yoga pants with boots as our dress code at work?

2-The second thing I am sooooo grateful for this week is that our barn and hay storage is filled to max capacity.  We have had drought conditions all Summer and hay has been hard to find.  Hubby and I have not had full barn of hay for months.  So grateful for the farmer that decided to release a portion of his private stock to help feed our equines.

3-The beautiful sunrise that accompanied me to work this morning.

4-USA Today is my primary source of news, keeping me informed of what is going on in the world.  I feel they are less sensational than some of the other sources available out there and they keep things balanced.  This week when there was a lot of sad, heartbreaking and scary things going on in the world, they still print articles like THIS to restore faith in humanity or THIS because who hasn’t wanted to give their HOA the finger now and then.

5-The last thing I will list as being grateful for this week…..getting ready to have a THREE DAY WEEKEND!

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