Soul Nourishing Ride

With a few exceptions I LOVE most of my trail rides, a way to re-balance and re-charge.  Some are better than others, more memorable or more fun.  Then there are some that nourish the soul.  That was the kind of ride I had today.


It was a new trail for my riding buddy and I.  A challenging trail.  Filled with large rocks and boulders where the horses had to really think about their footing and step sure footed in order to navigate the narrow single wide path.  As the rider you had to stay engaged, paying attention to your steering or you would wind up with a cracked knee cap or a horse slipping down rock face.  It was adventurous and fun and I loved that Tucker and I had to work as a team to safely pass.

FullSizeRender(38) copy

The challenge was rewarded with stunning views of the lake and sections of trail that ducked out of the woods and through the prairie that was FILLED with butterflies.  I felt like I was in a fairy tail as we rode along with these brightly colored beauties floating on the wind.


And peaceful.  We saw no other horses and riders.  We had the trail entirely to ourselves, isolated from the rest of the world to appreciate Mother Nature.  Which was really a good thing because I am not sure how the heck we would have passed another horse on that narrow trail if we had to.

FullSizeRender(38) copy 4There is so much wonder to explore from the back of a horse.

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