Llama Drama

I just turned the horses out onto the back pasture to end what has been a fabulous Labor Day weekend.  Now that I am showered I’m settling in to reflect on all that has happened the past three days.


We had a very fun time at “Why Not An American Ark”.  It is a great venue with extreme cowboy course, cross country fields, swim ponds, trails, arenas and lots of exotic animals. It was an awesome way to try LOTS of different things all in one place. My pony definitely had to stretch his confidence and I got to help him through it. Such a cool experience.  I also learned that cross country jumping is not for us.  Holy Moly those are some big ass jumps.  But boy does the course make for some lovely cantering hills and fun paths through the woods.  


I also did a workshop with hubbies mare!  Yay…check that goal off the list.  She was a total rock star.  It was a great learning experience, focused on yields, soft feel, correct frame, shaping and lots of “technical” body stuff.  I was so excited to see how much she progressed just during the course of our lesson so I am very much looking forward to developing this further.


We did have a bit of a sticky spot during the workshop.  There were four riders in the arena.  One of the ladies had brought two horses.  The horse she was not riding was hanging out in a pen right next to the arena we were  learning in.  The venue sits next to a llama farm.  Suddenly on just the other side of the fence a llama started to rustle about in the brush.  The horse in the pen started to lose his mind.  This led to a bit of uncertainty and worry for the horses in the arena, but everyone (riders & horses) were handling the situation pretty well.  As the rustling continued the penned horse started to get more upset and was looking for  a way out of his tiny pen.  This is where his owner came unglued.  She leapt from her horse, and went sprinting across the arena, arms flailing while screaming at her horse not to jump out of the pen.  As you can imagine this is where the horses lost it.  All of them.  Hell who could blame them, crazy horse lady was losing her shit.  Luckily I was able to bend hubbies mare to a stop and jumped off to head over and collect the loose horse.  Luckily an auditor beat me to it.  For a moment things got a little too intense.  All ended well and safely.  Mental note…leaping, sprinting and yelling does not have a calming effect on a group of already worried horses.


    • I did not mean to give that impression. We did not jump the huge jumps. There were a few “kiddie pool” options out there that we popped over but nothing that I would consider a cross country jump. Those we just rode around and admired their greatness with four feet on the ground.

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  1. Sounds like fun. I’ve watched the extreme cowboy races and those guys are pretty wild too. I’m with you in the “Kiddie pool”, lol. I actually went to a Backcountry Horse camping event one time and a lady used a llama for a packing animal. This was not unanimously popular with all the other riding animals at the camp. You could say we had some horse wrecks where ever she went. Llamas and horses/mules don’t always mix. Freak out. Normally it’s just the horses though. Not the owners. Good thing you were able to get down safely and over to her animal. Good work 🙂

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