A Letter To The Other Side


Dear Crash

On your last day with us we stayed home from work.  I laid in the floor with you and showered you with kisses.  Your head was warm and soft.  We took you outside to soak up the sunshine.  You wandered and sniffed as much as you were able.  We all sat in the grass and just stayed present with each other.  On the way to the vet’s office we bought you fried chicken, you ate it quietly and calmly in the back seat, waiting patiently for each of the 12 nuggets.  When it was time you went quickly, your tired body didn’t have any fight left.  The office staff was comforting and kind.

You were the one that used the dog beds and now they are empty.  The house no longer feels full and Poe has been looking for you.  The mornings are hardest for me, but Daddy seems to be struggling with nights.

I miss you blockhead!  Be sweet, be at peace, you were a very good boy.  I’ll see you on the other side.

Love you,


3 thoughts on “A Letter To The Other Side

  1. Losing a dog is never easy because they become members of your family. I am sorry you lost yours. We lost our 16 yr old dog in June of this year. She always followed me around and was under my feet it has been quite hard to get over. Our boxer was sad for a few weeks and lonely, but she seems to be doing okay now.


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