Random Thoughts For The Day


I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  I wasn’t too tired, it wasn’t the cool air keeping me under the covers and it wasn’t the sweetness of the pup that loves to cuddle in the mornings.  It was the melody of the rain singing me the sweetest song through the open window.

I don’t understand why people send me emails that say “I need to talk to you” or “I need to ask you a question”.  I don’t need the preliminary announcement.  Just come talk to me, or schedule a meeting or go ahead and ask the question.  It’s what I’m here for.

A piece of advice…If you are a horse owner and you think you want to know how much per year is spent on them.  Don’t figure it out.  Do not combine all the line items on the budget that are horse related and add them all up.  Keep it all in separate buckets.  Ignorance is bliss.  Enjoy your ponies, there is no dollar amount that can be tied to that.

Expired cheese tastes bad.

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