They Do It All

I cannot think of an animal that is as widely used or more versatile than the horse.  I accept that statement comes from a completely biased place, but seriously I could not even begin to count all of the purposes people have partnered with horses on: transportation, soldiers, dressage, polo, endurance, trails, hunter, cross country, therapy, companion.  The list could go on and on, and now they are factory workers:

It’s a cute video, but, horses being in factories really is not all that much of a stretch.  They’ve been used in mines and prior to motorized vehicles someone had to move the manufactured goods around.

They are amazing really.  This animal has been put in every human situation you could think of, they’ve been domesticated and bred over and over and over again and yet…when you look at one you can still see that little bit of wild deep down in its soul.  I can think of no other animal that has endured, adapted and yet stayed authentic to itself like the horse has.  A truly amazing animal.

12 thoughts on “They Do It All

      1. I’m always looking for fresh ways to express what it is that horses do for us . . . how they not only carry our bodies, but they unlock our souls . . .

        Here’s another couple other posts you might enjoy. Please let me know the posts of yours I might want to see :))


      2. Just spent some time reading — and riding your blog with you — beautiful! And you are right, I love the butterflies and your “soul nourishing ride” :))

        Keep riding and writing! I think it’s really important that we document the multiple dimensions we share with our horse(s). The rest of the world just doesn’t know . . .


      3. Thank you! I’m enjoying yours and started to follow. I love reading about other people’s journeys with their horses and how vast the things people do with them are.

        Ride On!!!!


      4. I just went into the Customize feature to add a Search widget for my Journal of Dawn blog – turns out the Follow button is a widget and you can tell it to show up in the Sidebar of your blog. See if that might work :))


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