Cee’s Black & White Challenge-Back of Things

It is a rainy rainy and chilly Saturday.  So what better way to fill the time than participate in one of Cee’s awesome photo challenges.

The challenge I have accepted today is: Cee’s Black & White Challenge-Back of Things

“Back of things could literally mean someone’s back.  It can also be from underneath.  Like a bridge from underneath and we see the infrastructure of the bridge.  You do need to be directly under the subject looking up.  Or it could be something small enough you could turn upside.  Your photo can be of anything or anyone in the world. Have fun with angles, taking the back of things or underside, profiles of things we normally only see the front.  It’s a week you can be creative and have some fun.”

I decided I liked the “underneath looking up” aspect of this challenge.  So here are a few shots that I thought represented this theme.


This first photo is from The Galleon which was a hand built replica of the great boats used in Spanish fleets.  It is an incredible piece of art that sails international waters shore to shore.  We were lucky enough to take a tour when it was docked in St. Augustine, FL during a recent visit.


The second photo was also done in St. Augustine, FL taken from the ground floor of what is now, Flagler College looking up at the great detail put into what once made this a very ritzy hotel.


And my last shot is one of an upside down decorative box I keep in my kitchen, given to me by a dear friend.

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