People Are Amazing

“The 1000 Year Storm” has hit our neighbor state to the South.  Columbia, South Carolina, one of the hardest hit cities, is a mere 90 minutes out our door.  Our nephew goes to college there, I ride with a girl that lives there and I have business relationships with people there.  It is a tragedy that has hit close to home.  We are blessed it did not hit closer.

I was headed there this weekend.  A friend and I had camping reservations at a State Park 45 minutes East of Columbia.  After much hard thought and debate I just did not feel safe hauling the horses down there.  The roads are unstable, dams are still breaking, more rain is forecast and the particular park we were headed to is in the floodplain of the Lynches River.  It just didn’t feel like a smart decision.

Photo Taken By The U.S. Coast Guard

Today I called the ranger to cancel.  We chatted about the conditions down there.  He expressed gratitude for;  things he had not lost, restored water and being able to come to work today.  I was awed by his perspective and his attitude given the hell the past week must have been for him.  He was friendly and kind and refunded my money.  He expressed concern that the trip didn’t come together and hoped we would have better luck next time.

It actually brought tears to my eyes the compassion he found.  I was talking to a man that had flood damage to his home, watched his neighbors lose everything, lost time from work, cannot navigate his town due to washed out roads and he had the ability to have concern about me not getting to go camping?!?!?!?!?!  People’s capacity for love is an amazing thing.

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