The Horse Industry Thrives

survey-invIn general I appreciate most of the people I come in contact with that are part of the horse industry. You have to love people that have made these animals their profession and main source of income. I find that in general they all have big hearts and although there are a MILLION different ideas on the “correct” way to: feed, handle, train, ride and keep horses…in the end most people are acting in a way that they think is best for the horses.

However, I find there are a few truths within that can be frustrating. For example, making an appointment gives you about a 50/50 shot of that person actually showing up or being there when you arrive. If they do show up there is a good chance that they will be 2-4 hours late. You’re going to get advice, whether you ask for it or not. The entire transaction is probably going to be a little more difficulty than it actually has to be and in some cases there is going to be drama added just for effect. Finally, in spite of it being the year 2015, finding a useful website or communicating via email just isn’t going to happen.

As their clientele, the consumer within this industry, I find myself willing to deal with these frustrations because I know horses don’t always allow you to keep a tight schedule, people that enjoy working outside are not spending much time on a computer and as for the advice and drama, it is usually well intentioned. In many instances I am loyal to the provider, appreciate the work done and need the services offered so this makes it easier to deal with negatives.

What I am finding is that I will not tolerate the same inconveniences working with someone new versus someone I’ve been dealing with for years.  It can be hard to schedule appointments, get returned phone calls or find information.  Good first impressions don’t seem important in the horse world as a way to gain new customers.  I didn’t realize the industry is booming and the professionals within are not in need of new customers. Which is strange because most people I know that work in horses are bitchin’ about how to pay the power bill.

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