The Fair


I LOVE the State Fair.  What is not to love?  There are animals, food, entertainment, it’s Fall and all things agricultural are present.


One of my favorite things about today was there were a lot of kids there.  A LOT!  I did not see one of them with their nose in a video game or smart phone.  They were there taking care of or showing their animals, riding rides, watching the shows and just in general experiencing The Fair.  It was refreshing.


I also received a bit of an education on bee keeping.  This has been picking at the back of my brain for awhile, so it was nice to have someone to engage with about this activity.  I’m not sure yet if it is a journey I want to embark on, but I do know that I want to walk the path a bit further and get some more information and knowledge.  Are these pollinators in my future….maybe.


For me The Fair is reminder that simpler ways of life are not lost.  It is not all technology and office buildings and cities, rural life is alive.  The Fair is the place to come show it off.

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