Grateful Fridays

Where does the time go?  Time for some gratitude friends!  There is so so so much for me to be grateful for.  Here are just  a few:

  1. My awesome employee who remembered me on Boss’ Day with a card and coffee.  She is a joy to work with.  Knows her job, does it and has a great attitude to top it all off.
  2. My yoga teacher who keeps my workout buddy and I after class so that she can help us improve our practice.
  3. I’m thankful that I packed a lunch this morning so that when I met a man on the street on my way to work who needed it more than I did, I was able to give it to him.  I’m also grateful that I have means to replace that lunch when I get hungry a little later in the day.
  4. I’m grateful that a long and hard and frustrating process I have been involved in at work is coming to resolution today.
  5. I have gratitude that my husband has been given an opportunity to teach, has taken it and is enjoying it so much.  It is something he loves to do and now is being given the chance to do on a larger scale than ever before.  I am thrilled for him.

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