It’s A Luxurious Life

It poured all day yesterday. A cold soaking rain that started before the alarm went off. It was one of those mornings that you lay in bed and wonder about your lifestyle choices. I could lay here in this warm cocoon of covers and dogs and enjoy this pillow for a while longer OR I could get up, put on my rain gear and slosh through the mud to feed the horses and chickens waiting on their breakfast. UGH, is horseback riding really THAT fun?

I peeled the covers back and made my way to the barn. Because, apparently, yes…it really is that fun. Later that morning discussing with my boss the chores that have to be done in spite of the weather, he teased me about how glamorous my life is.

That evening, because it was raining, I decided to clean and treat all of my tack. As I was sitting in the floor surround by leather and smelling like oil with mud still on the cuffs of my jeans, I looked around and laughed. Glamorous…I guess not.

Luxurious… Absolutely!!!!

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