Grateful Fridays

It has been an interesting week and I have definitely been seeing some disagreements, debates and conflicts in both the real and virtual world.  What better time to throw a little gratitude out there and try to realign things into a happier place.


  1. This week I have found myself feeling so much gratitude for my chickens.  They are fun to watch and bring endless entertainment.  I realized how much I do truly love having them around when a coyote showed up and filled me with panic to hurry up and herd them back into their run.

2. I’m super thankful for my aunt who came out to the farm and shot a ton of pictures of horses, hubby and I.  She is a wonderful photographer and wanted to play with her new camera.  The images are stunning (see examples in this post).


3. I’m super excited that this afternoon I will be loading Tucker on the trailer and heading out for a fun weekend of riding with some girlfriends.  There is a group of 7 of us that try to join up once a season to ride, eat, drink and just have a good time.  July was our last meet up and I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone again.


4. Feeling lots of love for my hubby who is a really good sport and who totally takes it in stride when I sign him up to compete in trail challenges without his knowledge.

5. Thankful that today is my Wellness Committee’s annual scavenger hunt.  We have a gorgeous Fall day for it and it is always a fun event that is well received by the staff.

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