Fall Behind

In THIS eloquent post by @BolarGirl she talks about the beauty that comes with each changing of the season.

Each year at this time, right after the time change, I tell myself to embrace the coming of Winter.  A time when things slow down.  I tell myself that it is a good time to try new recipes, read more, journal more, go to the gym more and take time to do things that are more introspective.  The quiet indoor activities that are neglected during the long daylight hours of Summer.  I tell myself it will be a welcome change of pace and restoring.

“We are men of action, lies do not become us” – Westley

I tell myself these things…but I do not believe them.  I do not believe them…because they are lies.  The truth is…doing chores in the dark sucks.  The truth is…mud season is upon us.  The truth is…riding plans get cancelled more than they actually happen and you can only make them on the weekends.  The truth is…I already go to the gym a lot AND I don’t even like to cook.

Here is to counting down the days to “Spring Ahead”.  128…….

6 thoughts on “Fall Behind

  1. such an honor to have a post mentioned in your blog! I know… Chores in the dark does suck… Come over for a glass of scotch or bourbon by the wood stove some evening instead- my husband is a chef- you won’t have to cook!

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