Three Dog Night

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A couple of months ago after we put Crash down, I promised my husband that we could keep the number of dogs to two.  I was fully committed to being content with two canines.  And I was content, at least for a little while.  But then little things started to happen like the nagging feeling that something was always missing from the household.  Visiting friends that have three dogs and realizing how much they all add.  Seeing rescue notices needing fosters and/or homes for puppies and wanting desperately to fill those needs.


So after much conversation and discussion we decided it was time to add a family member.  I want to be happy with two dogs, but the truth is we are a three dog household.  That’s the number that just feels right.  There are so so so so many dogs that need homes that I just don’t feel good unless I know that we are at our personal capacity.

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So after some Petfinder searching, application filling and pup to pup meeting we brought home the cutest Basset/Dachshund 8 month old puppy.  Who needs a name!

8 thoughts on “Three Dog Night

      1. The Latin word for peace is pax, (French came from Latin, after all) so I think the intention is intact. 🙂
        Really? Wow, I didn’t think I was telepathic. Haha
        Say hi to Pax for me!


  1. Aww! I understand- we are a two dog household and for a while (a couple years) we were a one-dog and last year were made complete again. In looking for a name for a dog years ago my wise younger brother said to me “give him time- he will tell you his name when he’s ready” and since then I take that approach with all my new animals. I find it to be true!

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  2. Ah, now I see what he is. A Basset cross was my second guess, lol. He is so adorable. Congratulations. He’s a lucky dog.


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