Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all.  Even if you don’t live in The States I still send gratitude to you because it should be a year long practice.  Not just one day a year.


My weekly posts “Grateful Fridays” is about making the art of gratitude a year long practice.  An awareness throughout my life of all that I’ve been blessed with.


On this day, a National Holiday all about Thanks, which I love by the way, I will reflect a bit more deeply on what it is that I am thankful for.


At the core of it, I find I am grateful for this entire life I lead.

Bekah video and pony shower 22815 001

I’m overwhelmed by the love I share with the hubby that I partner through life with.  The communication we have, the time we spend together and the joy that is at the center of our relationship.  A good man and a smart man.  I’ve chosen him to be the witness to my life and he in return has chosen me.


I’m thankful for the connections that I have.  The routine of my days.  The people I share it with.  The small moments that make a big or little difference and the big moments that do the same.  My family, my friends, acquaintances and even my enemies because everyone has an important role to play and everyone has something to teach me.


This land we live on.  A piece of property that supports the lifestyle we live.  Housing not only us, but our horses, dogs and chickens.  Providing for the animals that I’ve chosen to make such a huge part of my life a place to live.  It’s hard work sometimes but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


I’m thankful for my horse.  I’m thankful for all my animals.  They each bring me joy and enrich my life in countless ways.  But Tucker especially opens up a side of the world that wouldn’t be accessible without him.  He teaches me, he carries me and he inspires me.  Because of him I try to be a better horseman which in turn makes me a better human in all facets of life.


I AM GRATEFUL!  And on this day I give Thanks.


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