Seeking Holiday Spirit

I’m seeking holiday spirit.  Mine is nowhere to be found.

I usually love this time of year.  Tacky decorations, parties, food, adult beverages, gifts, carols and cheer all around…what’s not to love?

Except this year, I don’t love it.  This year I find myself searching for energy to accomplish things that I normally have endless reserves of desire to complete.


Our house is usually all aglow with Christmas.  In years past the entire day after Thanksgiving is spent swapping out the year round decorations to be replaced with red, white and green snowy covered pieces of cheer and lighting it all up with tiny multi colored lights.  This year, a week after Thanksgiving, I spent about an hour.  I hung some green leafy garland and put a few ornaments on the horseshoe tree.  Nothing lights up this year.

I’ve begrudgingly agreed to three parties.  Then two more that I HAVE to attend for work.  I find myself looking for excuses to miss parties I would normally anticipate and look forward to.

I’ve bought one gift and I’m struggling to find a box and get it to the post office.  There will be no cookie baking or Christmas show attending in 2015.

I work Uptown and the city streets are filled with trees and lights and glamour and I usually love to take my lunch hours touring all that has been done.  This year, I have yet to walk the streets, visit the Atrium or stroll the walkways to absorb all the holiday fun.


I’m not sure where it has gone or why the enthusiasm is lacking this year, but if someone finds it and could send it back my way, I’d really appreciate it.  It just doesn’t feel like Christmas this year.


  1. Wish I could send it your way. I find the older I get, the quieter Christmas seems to get as well. I’ve been trying to embrace it by simplifying and doing more inner reflection …that helps me take the focus off thinking of my feelings as negative to being positive even while not feeling super jolly. Does that make any sense? Anyways, wishing you happiness and I LOVE that horseshoe tree!!

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  2. I’m in a funk this year also. I’ve decided to be ok with the fact that I’m not in the spirit. By giving myself permission to not go Christmas crazy like I do every year, I’ve resolved to make next Christmas stellar.

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