Grateful Fridays-Christmas Day Edition

How very appropriate that Grateful Fridays also happens to fall on Christmas Day.  We are not a religious family, but we have always celebrated the holiday.  No matter your faith or spiritual practices be it Christmas, The Feast of Sacrifice, Hanukkah or The Solstice  I believe that the underlying principle at the core of it all is LOVE.


What better way to celebrate love than being grateful.  Grateful for your deity, your family, your faith, your friends, your teachers, your comforts and your challenges.  Grateful for the love in your life.  Love may present itself to you in many shapes and sizes, sometimes arriving in a pretty wrapped package with a bow and sometimes in a tattered and dirty brown bag that you would rather not open.


So today I will be grateful for the love that is in my life.  In the many forms it may come.  Be it a text from a friend wishing me a Merry Christmas, the nicker from my horse excited for breakfast or the presents exchanged with my hubby.  There is divinity in every act of love and today I will celebrate them all.

Love is Everywhere……

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