Human Safety First

I saw an article this morning and the opening line read:

The horses were led to safety this cold January morning by a brave farm volunteer who went into the burning structure without regard for his own safety.

This man is being praised as a hero.

Let me share my unpopular opinion with you.  This man is not a hero.  This man is someone who put his life in danger, an action that if it had gone badly could have put more human lives in danger because he would’ve needed rescuing himself.  In this particular story all lives were saved and that’s a good thing, but it could have had a very different ending and the risk was not worth it.

Human lives ARE more valuable than animal lives.

You don’t agree?  Then you better be a full fledged vegan.  And not the kind of vegan that just doesn’t eat animal product.  I mean the kind that does not use dead animal product in your life of any kind, because if you are not, then you do actually agree.

Am I being extreme?  Yes a bit, but I am trying to make a point.

Our human culture and our daily lives have built the fact that we as humans do outweigh the animals.  Animals are in so many things that we don’t even know or think about such as; oils and lubricants, footballs, gelatins, photographs, insulin and medicines, clothing and bed sheets, perfume, plastics, condoms, crayons….do I really need to go on???

Love does not equate to a higher value of life.  I love my animals.  I love them more than I love most humans but that does not mean their lives are worth more than any human’s.  My love for them does not transform them into something that elevates their status in the human culture.  Their life is valuable and important, but not more so than mine or the fireman’s who has to save me.

Now don’t misunderstand I’m not saying let them all burn and that we can do what we want to all animals.  We have a responsibility to the animals.  We must be good stewards and we should expend our available resources to keep them happy, healthy and safe but there are situations in which we must draw the line and recognize the human life is worth more.


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