Super Bowl 50

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You might have heard that there is a football game this weekend.

Being that I live in Charlotte this truth is pretty hard to not know.  Even for me, who rarely knows what is drawing main stream media attention.

Personally I don’t care much for football, even when the home team goes to the big game.  My list of complaints about the NFL is long and I find the whole deal to be a huge waste of money and resources.  However, I will save that post for another day because in spite of my disapproval for the organization and a sport that eats away an entirely good day for riding, I will say it has been fun to work in the city during all the pre-game hype.

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The streets are lined with banners and signs and all the restaurants and stores have some type of support adorning their windows.  People walk the street clad in blue or black jerseys, t-shirts and coats sporting the Panther logo.

The excitement is in the air.  You can feel it just being in the city.  The team is on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s thoughts.  Businesses are closing Sunday night so their staff can watch the big game.  Locals have traveled to California to have some home support in the stands.  Football (with or without my approval) brings people together.  A shared hope across the entire city to see “Our Boys” bring home the title.  I hope for so many around me that they do it.

As for myself.  I’ll definitely be watching the game, waiting for a Clydesdale to appear.

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