New Weekly Feature…Starts Tomorrow

At the beginning of the year as I contemplated what I wanted 2016 to hold for me I picked the word practice as my word for the year. I even dedicated a whole post to the word and the reason I picked it.

As we are entering into the third month of the year I find that my word for the year is morphing. It is changing shape and spelling and adding more words and turning itself into a phrase. There are still elements of the word practice in there. Showing up, putting the time in and experimenting are still very much part of this new phrase which will resonate throughout 2016, but there is a little bit more. It seems this year is going to be all about:

“Try New Things”


And so my friends this new catch phrase inspires this blog’s weekly feature. Replacing 2015’s “Grateful Fridays” we will now have 2016’s “Try New Things Tuesdays”. This weekly post will highlight something new I’ve tried this year. It could be something small like a new restaurant or route to work or it could be something big like a vacation or life changing decision, but it will be a new experience for me and printed on these pages for you.

So tune in tomorrow for the first fresh post on “Try New Things Tuesday”

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