Try New Things Tuesday – Carriage Store

After I completed the driving clinic with my little pony a few weeks ago, I came home fully motivated to get Pony back in harness and start driving her again. I decided I want to buy her a standalone single tree (see image) so that she could drag items for me.

Single Tree

The single tree hooks into the traces (see image) and then you can attach things such as logs or tires to the tree. Conveniently located just 90 minutes from the house is Carolina Carriage Superstore.


I’d never been to there before, hence, in the spirit of trying something new I hopped in the car, window down on a sunny day and decided to see all they had to offer.

I was blown away! Three stories of all things EQUINE DRIVING.


The first floor was nothing but carriages. Rows and rows and rows of carriage and carts. If you have seen or could imagine a horse drawn vehicle they had it. The amount of inventory was overwhelming and how the heck they were able to keep so much inventory for a past time that I feel is becoming a bit of a lost art was a little surprising to me. It was actually more of a collection than it was retail.


As you moved up the floors you got into their tack. They did have some stock of items you would use for riding horses such as saddles and bridles, but mostly they had harnesses, pads, driving bits, collars and headstalls with blinders. The choices were many and in all shapes and sizes, they had pieces to fit the largest of drafts and items to drive the smallest of minis. When I looked at the draft harnesses it was hard to imagine an animal that had heads and butts massive enough to fill them out.


It was a well worth it trip, I got what I went for and I’m so glad I made it down there on a pretty day. And perhaps in the near future you will see a “Try New Things Tuesday” post about the first time I used Pony to drag a bale of hay.

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