Pony’s Field Trip

Facebook reminded me this morning that 5 years ago on a cold and rainy day I drove my pony in her cart around our property for the very first time. I had driven her before this, because I had tested her out a couple times prior to buying her, but this was my first time alone and my first time at home.

First At Home Drive

We had brought her home a week before this maiden voyage and since she had settled into the herd nicely it was time to put her to work.  In THIS post I talk about her time with us and how she had gone through a period of being pasture art and then recently to a clinic where I re-introduced both of us to the world of driving.

Since the clinic I’ve been spending lots more time with Pony.  She’s been dragging hay bales for me and even dragged the harrow to spread poop in the field the other day.  She has also been hitting the trails as I pony her off the back of Tucker and we have days that we work on basic ground skills.  She is a blast to work with.


The Facebook reminder was timely because yesterday we were invited up to our friend’s place to drive.  She has a ton more acreage than we do and her fields are a mix of flat open spaces and rolling hills to give Pony the perfect place to let loose and open up.  It was also a great way to introduce some of my friends’ horses to a pony & cart.


We had SO MUCH FUN!  It was great to get her out and give her a place to go.  She is so good at her job and since having incorporated the things we learned at the clinic together everything seems so much smoother and more pleasant for her and in turn me.  I’m definitely looking forward to more adventures with her.

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