We are fortunate to live a short 15 minute drive from a park that has about 16 miles worth of bridle trails. Due to the convenience of it, I ride there a lot. In fact, during the Spring, Summer and even early Fall months I can take advantage of Daylight Savings Hours and head over there for late afternoon/evening rides after work. Last night was one of those nights, after a LONG day in the office, the sun was shining and I couldn’t help but load Tucker on the trailer and head over there.

In a previous life (a.k.a. my first marriage) I interestingly enough lived in another house about the same distance from this same park. At that time, I didn’t own horses but I knew I wanted to. I spent a lot of time hiking my dogs on those bridle paths always envious of the riders. I longed for a horse of my own and I spent many of those walks dreaming of how wonderful it would be to have an equine partner to carry me through the woods of this particular park.

Last night while I was tacking up, I remembered many years ago when I was able to ride my very own horse at this park for the very first time. We still boarded then so the drive was much longer than the 15 minutes it is now. The hubby and I loaded up our herd of two on our old rusty steel trailer and took the voyage to fulfill what had long been my dream. I’ll never forget that first ride out of the parking lot to the trail head; the joy, the pride and the feeling of coming home washed over me.

I carried the nostalgia with me as I rode last night. So many things remain the same; same horse, same trails, same rider and same feeling of joy as I leave the parking lot. It’s perfection for me. Just my horse and I on a quiet afternoon in the woods of a park that served as the backdrop for so many dreams. The place where I created the vision for a life, that has become a reality.

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