Unexpected Magic

In March I took a weekend long Western Dressage clinic and I wrote all about it in THIS post talking about the fact that it was challenging for me and my horse and I wondered where the magic was in Dressage.

Since then I have taken several English style Dressage lessons.  Bite size pieces of the buffet of information that was introduced in the clinic.  While one is Western and one English, I am finding that at their core the principles are the same.  Hour long lessons are a much more palatable way to experience this world as we are breaking things down in a way that I can actually wrap my head around.

It comes as a complete surprise to me that I am finding Dressage actually is somewhat magical!


No, we are not suddenly performing perfect circles and he does not yet engage his hind end and float me across the arena as if riding on air, he still leaks out the shoulder or falls in on the turn.


I am absolutely LOVING the level of conversations we are having.  Suddenly our communication is at a whole new level.  As his shoulder leaks in, I’m able to say “Nope, that door is closed” to which he responds “here, here, here, what is is that you want?”  My particularity is engaging his mind and body in a way that we’ve never experienced before.  And although we are not always getting the right answer, the back and forth is so enjoyable and I have complete faith that we will find the answers through the dialogue eventually.

This is so much fun and I have found the magic!


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Magic

  1. I won’t even say my beginner lessons last summer could even be called dressage because that’s how basic my riding is… But what we did start with blew me away too… I called it my Jedi training because it started those conversations and we started to learn to work together with energy- magic is such a good description.

    Sounds awesome!

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