Camping Cures Everything


For a variety of reasons it has been a weird couple of weeks, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Draining is the best word I can think to use for it and when Friday morning arrived, a day that I should have been filled with excitement and energy to pack horses and humans up for a fun weekend of camping all I wanted to do was curl up in our den with a cup of coffee. I was exhausted by humanity. The kind of exhaustion that makes you want to hide under the covers and feel sorry for yourself.

In spite of my lack of desire and with lots of help from the hubs we pulled it together and loaded up truck and trailer filled with dogs, horses and all the items needed to spend three days in the woods.


We arrived and the plan was to take the dogs for a walk before ditching them at the trailer for an afternoon ride. Plans changed as the walk meandered in the woods and stretched out long into the late afternoon. As we hiked I felt the stress wash away and my energy level increase and when we finally arrived back at our campsite we had hungry horses, hounds and humans.

Later that evening after everyone had been fed our friends arrived and we all sat by the campfire laughing until bed.


Saturday morning was leisurely. Another campfire built, more laughing and visiting and breakfast all building towards a late morning ride. The friends that met us are not riders but they have kids that would like to be so after we tacked up our horses I put the youngest child on Tucker and led her to the trail head. Ahhhh the trail head, it was finally time to throw a leg over. Hubby and I rode out on a lovely single wide trail that wound through the hardwoods took us up on down hills across roots and rocks and finally found its way back to parallel a running creek.


It was about an hour into this ride that I felt the reset button get pushed. Suddenly I was myself again. I no longer felt disgusted with a world full of people. I was no longer angry with the world for being what it is, but instead found myself grateful for the role in which I get to play in it.


We rode through lunch so when we arrived back it was time to again fill our stomachs. At this point some of the group went out in kayaks and paddled the lake, but I opted to stay and chat with my friend that hung out at camp. We spent a couple of hours in the shade just catching up and solving all of the problems of the world.

At this point my sweet little Pony had been standing quietly in the stall all weekend and it was time to get her out and experience the world. I got her in harness and she was ready to GO. We drove for about 30 minutes before I felt like I had enough communication and control that I was comfortable letting the kids take turns to hop in with me and drive them around some of the common areas of the park.


Saturday night looked a lot like Friday night with another campfire and lots of good times.

I was sad to see Sunday morning arrive as it was the day we had to go home. Hubby was not up to cram a ride in prior to having to pack up and strip stalls but we did saddle up the horses and let the kids go for a ground supported mini trail ride.


We arrived home and although exhausted again it was a completely different kind exhaustion than I had begun the weekend with. It was a happy, rejuvenated and refreshed exhaustion.

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