Dressage Intro Tests


Lately Tucker and I have been getting into some fun things together.  The one that I really really really want to write about is my four day Women’s Retreat where we practiced horsemanship with Michael Lyons (son of the famous John Lyons) in the mornings and then did some self exploration with the horses as our guides in the afternoons with Kim Farmer.  BUT I just cannot seem to find the words to describe the coolness of that week SOOOOOOO I’ll tell you about our first dressage show instead.


I’ve blogged before telling you about our dabbles in Dressage and it’s been a lot of fun to play with.  But, it was merely concepts to pepper into our trail rides and arena workouts  as a way to enhance our communication and build healthier bio-mechanics in both of us.  Until my instructor started to encourage me to sign up for a local schooling show.  At first I balked at the idea.  Please….I am not a dressage rider, I certainly don’t know enough to compete in a show and I don’t own enough legal tack to even enter.

Then I started to roll it around in my mind and I found myself getting excited AND scared at the idea, so, I knew immediately that meant it was something we should probably go ahead and try.


Two weeks before the show, we committed.  I sent in my registration and entered into the first two intro tests.  We studied hard to learn and memorize the maneuvers.  I begged for, borrowed and bought enough gear to look the part and on a HOTHOTHOT Saturday I found myself in the warm up arena establishing enough rhythm in our trot to ride in and show the judge what we got.

Memorizing the pattern

I was fortunate enough to have my instructor along with me.  She rode in some higher level tests that same day.  I’d have been lost without her.  As I was tacking up I lost my mind got a little nervous and needed her to do some basic things like put the girth on my horse.  She was a tremendous amount of support throughout the day.  I was also lucky enough to have several friends come out and cheer us on and of course my super awesome all the best hubby was there by my side.


I was pleased with how we did.  We got a 61.6% in our first ride giving us a 3rd out of 6 and a 59.7% on our second giving us a 5th out of 8.  More importantly I felt like the judges scores/comments were spot on with what we did well or where we needed improvement.  It made me feel like I might actual have an understanding about what this discipline is all about.

Will we do it again???  Absolutely.

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