Poolside Yoga

One of the things I love about Summer is that my Tuesday morning yoga class moves from the studio to the side of the rooftop pool at the hotel next door to the gym.

It is lovely!  Standing outside, next to the serenity of the quiet pool, flowing through the postures as the city wakes up around us is a truly zen experience.

The actual pool we practice by

Today was especially a treat as the 5-6 yogis that are usually in attendance with me didn’t come to class.  I had my own personal yoga session where we focused on my “trouble” spots for the hour.  As she took me through poses that released tension in my shoulders and opened up my hips I started to feel like a brand new me.  Tightness and tension gave way to openness and flexibility.  Tired, sleepy muscles gave way to energetic strength, and a busy mind and short breath gave way to calmness and free flowing oxygen.

I love these morning practices.  Moments of stillness and compassion.  A way to find love at a time that it is so desperately needed.

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