Daily Prompt-Clock

Today’s daily prompt from the daily post is…Clock

How Timely!  As yesterday was the 61st running of an equine endurance race called The Tevis Cup, which in my opinion, is one of the most exciting races against the clock there is.

Photo Credit: http://www.teviscup.org

The Tevis is run once a year in late July or early August on a weekend close to the full moon.  Some of the race is run in the dark, so the organizers try to take advantage of the extra moonlight.

More people have reached the Summit of Everest than have completed the Tevis.  It is no easy feet.  It is 100 miles of tough, mountainous trails in the Summer heat and I’ve heard riders say dust is one of the toughest challenges. Riders have 24 hours to complete the trail, this includes vet checks along the way, two of those vet checks require an hour “hold” (rest for horse & rider).

Photo Credit: http://www.teviscup.org

This year 172 riders were entered.  At the time of this post, although the race is complete, I am unsure of how many actually finished.  If past years are repeated it will be about half.

Throughout the day yesterday I visited the Tevis Facebook page frequently for live videos from the trail and updates and pictures of the event.  Technology has made it so accessible and even on though I’m on the opposite side of the country I felt included in the excitement.

2015 winner, Potato Richardson, at Cougar Rock (photo credit: http://www.teviscup.org)

It is on my bucket list to travel to California and be a part of this event someday in a capacity that involves more than just logging into my computer.

Big shout out and Congratulations to 2016 winner Karen Donley and her horse Royal Patron for coming in first.  It’s a huge accomplishment.

Big shout out to ALL the finishers that made it within the 24 hour time frame.  In endurance…”to finish is to win”.  Way to beat the clock!

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