A Trip To VA

Last weekend a friend and I slipped a way for a few nights away from real life and enjoyed some of the offerings that the great state of Virginia had to offer.  It’s not just for lovers folks!

On our way up we took a side trip to Stone Mountain State Park.  I’d heard the park offered horse back riding and since it was on our way (kind of) I figured why not stop and check it out, a bit of a scouting trip for future rides.  The park was lovely and I’m looking forward to getting back there for a horseback ride.


The bonus of this side trip was discovering the hidden gem of Sandy Creek Campground.  Offering equestrian and family camping with trails that back up right to the state park.  I’m very much looking forward to scheduling a weekend here.  I think the Spring would be lovely with the blooming rhododendrons.

We stayed at Natural Bridge and took in all the sites the park had to offer.  The trails, the caverns and of course, Mother Nature’s amazing creation the bridge itself.  An impressive feature created by water.



“Foamhenge” A re-creation along the trail
Stunning Trail Views

We also took in the Extreme Mustang Makeover while we were up there.  Spectating as trainers showed all that they had accomplished with their wild horses in 100 days.  It was a neat event to be a part of and I was proud of myself for not bidding on anybody.

The Finalists

If you would like to learn more about The Makeover, I highly recommend the movie “Wild Horse, Wild Ride”.



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