Hubby’s Mare Said…”WHAT”

At the beginning of this year I made many references in this blog about the 12 week horsemanship challenge that Tucker and I participated in and completed.  Northwood Farms is at it again and  they are putting out one last challenge to complete before we head into the dark Winter months.  This challenge is not nearly as complex as the previous one we did because it is straight up 21 hours with your horse anyway you slice it (basic care not included) in 43 days.


I decided it would be fun to take this challenge on with my Hubby’s mare Freckles.  Giving Tucker a bit of a break from being the horses that is focused on most of the time.  I’m excited to be spending some time with this mare over the next 43 days, but I’m not going to lie, there is a piece of me sad to put Tucker on the back burner even if it is for a short time.


About a year ago I committed to spending more time riding Freckles, I blogged about it.  And we I  had a blast together. Here are those posts in case you want a refresh.

First Post, Second Post, Third Post, Four!

So it looks like the Fall will find me on the back of a strawberry roan.

2 thoughts on “Hubby’s Mare Said…”WHAT”

  1. I understand! I’m so connected to my main mare but I love my older horse that is now mostly ridden by good friends who also adore her. I love spending time with her but my young mare is hard not to spend all my time with as we have such a close relationship now! It’s good to mix it up a little….

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