Camping & Riding At Croft State Park

This weekend, myself, a friend and my hubby drove less than 2 hours to spend a glorious weekend at Croft State Park in Spartanburg, SC.  I adore camping and riding at this park.  The park is rich in history and even richer in beauty.

Just a little bit of Fall color starting to show

In the 1800’s and early 1900’s the park was a farming community until the land was converted into a military training facility containing firing ranges, a grenade court and a gas obstacle course.  After WWII the training facility shut down and the land became one of the largest state parks in South Carolina.


I love to ride here and the horse accommodations are top notch, but the park offers so much more than just equestrian trails.  There is a lake you can canoe, kayak or fish in, designated mountain bike trails, two large camping grounds, nature programs for children, lots of hiking and on the third Saturday of every month, a horse show.


The trails have a lot of rolling hills, plenty of creek crossing opportunities and due to the diversity and history of the land plenty of sites to see along the way.

Cemetery – there are 7 of them in the park

The following images are taken from and are just a few of the cool things we got to see on our adventure this weekend.

Whitestone Spring

“This spring was known as White Stone Lithia Springs and was the foundation of a booming water bottling company in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s which shipped water nationwide. Built around the spring was a four story hotel, swimming area, bowling alley, and train service from here to Whitestone, SC. You can still sample the mineral water coming out of the spring.”

Excerpt taken from the website

Farmhouse Ruins
Radio Tower

“It was built in 1985 and sits on roughly 6 acres of land. It is the highest point in the park, and it extends several hundred feet into the sky. It transmits WRET-DT and is maintained by SC Educational Television.”

Excerpt taken from the website

Kelsey Creek Bridge Crossing

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