Holy Cow!

Cubs Win!

108 years since they’ve won.  108 stitches in a baseball.  10 innings 8 runs…108.  Last time they won was 1908.

I’ll leave it to you to Google all the things that have happened since the last time they did it.  The wars that have been fought, the presidents we have been through or even states that have entered The Union since the last time The Cubbies held the title.  It’s a big deal to my Sweet Home Chicago.

But what I want to tell you is why it is a big deal to me.

Born and raised in Chicago, The Cubs have been a large part of my life.  I was lucky enough to be born at a time when you could get Cubs tickets for less than a small fortune.  I grew up in Wrigley.  I have vivid memories from my childhood centered around The Cubs.  Learning how to keep score with a quarter sized pencil on a card passed out at the game.  Begging Mom & Dad for a new blue and red baseball cap to prove my support of our team.  Eating hot dogs in box seats and as I got older drinking beer in the bleachers.  My High School Senior Ditch Day was spent in the stands at Wrigley Field.  When I married my first husband, the day after our wedding, before heading out on our honeymoon, we took in a game.  Even after I moved away, bringing my second husband to see my hometown, I knew the trip would be incomplete if we didn’t go see The Cubs.

When we were not at the park, as a family, we still watched the games together.  Gathering in my parents’ bedroom and tuning into WGN, I can remember laying in the floor on their blue shag carpet waiting for The Cubs to come on.  Sometimes the kids would even crawl into the bed, my two sisters and I with my Dad, our heads at the end of the bed for a better view of the screen while Mom sat in her recliner.

Photo Credit: New York Times

We were raised to love The Cubs.  Taught by my Dad to love baseball because it was as much a part of his growing up as he had made it be a part of ours.  He loved this team!  As the seven games played out their destiny I found myself in such a bittersweet range of emotion as HIS team fought for the title.  As the games added up and we hit game 6, I knew I couldn’t watch it.  Either the Indians would win, the series would be over and The Cubs would’ve lost OR they would win and we would go to game 7 and I’d have a chance to see his team pull it off.

It made for a late night, but I don’t think Hollywood could’ve scripted it better and it was EXACTLY the way they should’ve won.  When Bryant threw that last series deciding out, tears of joy and sadness fell.  They did it!  At long last they did it!  And, he missed it, by less then 6 months he missed seeing his team go all the way.

For you Dad!  For you!

Photo Credit: chicagobusiness.com





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