First Christmas

Happy Holidays bloggers.

We are not with family this Christmas.  We traveled for Thanksgiving and thought a quiet Christmas at home would be nice.  Now that it is here, I’m struggling a bit.  As kids Christmas was a big deal to my family.  My Dad especially.  He loved Christmas, he loved gift giving, he loved Christmas morning and holidays growing up, are deeply treasured memories for me.  This first Christmas without him is hard.


As an adult I’ve never recreated holiday traditions.  There are no rituals or happenings that differentiate this time of year from the rest.  This year, I wish there was.  With just the two of us and no kids to entertain we live our life at Christmas pretty much the same as we do Spring, Fall and Summer.  I’m craving a distraction, a light, a remembrance or an honoring to what the season meant to him.

5 thoughts on “First Christmas

  1. I understand. I moved across the country from my family and it’s just been hard to travel with weather and prices each year. Meanwhile my husband’s family is in driving distance so we generally go spend the time with them and it’s always a fun time. Sometimes I think a nice time at home just us would be nice but we also don’t have kids and didn’t decorate at all.

    I didn’t feel any particular holiday cheer this year. More than most. I feel as i get older and we also have no children – that we don’t have our own traditions.

    One year we traveled (to Paris) for Christmas and that was really wonderful- but a special opportunity that won’t happen again. Still- traveling for Christmas is something I’d like to try again…….

    Anyway- merry Christmas fellow blogger and enjoy the day whatever it brings.


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